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Babette A Friedman
Certified Homeopath

Welcome! My name is Babette Friedman. I am a certified classical homeopath, who graduated from the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, where I continue to work and guide the acute prescribing study group. I have taken trainings from many doctors in India and have studied with some of the old time homeopaths like Jeremy Sherr. Currently I am in the Argentum Mentoring Program with Shilpa Bhouraskar who has been a doctor and a homeopath for over 30 years and who advises me in many of my cases. I have almost 30 years of experience in holistic medicine, yoga and living well. I also have experience in massage,  acupuncture and Asian medicine, yoga therapy, diet and exercise therapy, and life coaching. I do HIPAA compliant video appointments. For an appointment click on the button or call: 702-909-0522.

The highest ideal of therapy is to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently: to remove and destroy the whole disease in the shortest, surest, least harmful way according to clearly comprehensible principles.

The Organon of Medicine - Samuel Hahnemann

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